Beautification                                                                Amelia Simpson

          Bereavement/Benevolence                                            Dan O'Neal 

          Boys to Men                                                                   Chris McDaniel

          Christian Education                                                      Derrick Denning            

          Fishers of  Men                                                             Kenneth Ray

          Generation H.P.Y.E.                                                      E.Powell/S.Toliver

          Greeters                                                                         Denese Turner

          Hearts for Christ                                                           Alanae Larkin

          Keepers of the Grove                                                     Debra Spiller

          Kitchen                                                                           Naomi Taylor

          Male Chorus                                                                  Rig Quinney Jr.

          Media/Marketing                                                           Kenya Woodley

          Men of standard                                                            Dan Collins

          Ministers & Deacons Wives                                          Linda Houston

          New Members                                                                Ed & Gloria Scott

          Nurses                                                                            Frances Caldwell

          Shepherd's Care                                                            Isalette Harrison

          Sight & Sound                                                               Brodric Taylor

          Silver & Gold                                                                Hattie Cooper

          Sounds of Faith                                                            Jocelyn Stokes




9:30 AM - Morning Worship

10:00 AM - Children's Church
(2nd & 3rd Sunday)

(During 1st Sunday Morning Worship)


12:00 PM - Senior Mission (WIA)
(2nd Tuesday)

7:00 PM - Brotherhood Ministry
(2nd Tuesday)


12:00 PM - Bible Study

7:00 PM - Christian Education

8:00 PM - Choir Rehearsal

8:00 PM - Children's Rehearsal
(3rd Wednesday)


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